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Facility Management: Security and Safety

As professionals in the sector of security and fire protection (safety) we offer our customers a specific Facility Managementfor these two activities.

Facility Management Kosmos Group

In Facility Management, it is highly recommended that specific services, such as security and fire protection, be managed by specialists. The protection of people and property is at risk.

In recent years, Facility Managementhas been constantly evolving, especially in the areas of security and safety. It has been detached from the building to become, in fact, an infrastructure management. Not only is the building itself managed, but also everything it houses. They even include infrastructure beyond the properties themselves.

The different concepts of application in the world of Facility Management can be transferred to multiple environments, without necessarily being located in a complex or building Thus we find infrastructures such as parks, roads, open areas and a large number of spaces that may require good maintenance management.

Security Management: Infrastructures and Users

The aim is for each asset to be in its best condition, so that it remains in operation and available, in optimal conditions, for as long as possible. In addition, its constant technological updating is essential in order to maintain the degree of security of buildings and users.

Second, we find user-related services, based on the needs that arise from people who use an infrastructure. In this way, preventive maintenance arises from the need for the asset to be maintained. In contrast, incident management responds to a malfunction of an asset that, in most cases, is affecting the user.

This user-service relationship is called user services. In this case, the driver is not the infrastructure, but the person using it.

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Currently, the new generation of management systems take into account the three concepts: management, infrastructure and service. This is where ISMs (Infrastructure and Services Management), are born, information systems that care about both the management of infrastructures and the services that can or should be provided in them.

At Kosmos Group we have professional experts in security and fire protection systems, we help you manage your facilities efficiently and safely.

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