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Residential Security

Residential security is what prevents and protects private residences, urbanizations and neighborhood communities from intrusions, robberies and fires.

Home security done right puts people first. Good security design puts technology at the service of providing more comfortable and safer homes for those who live in them.

At Kosmos Group, as a company associated with Genoma del Robo, we put this premise into practice. We explain how.

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Premium solution in residential security with its own project design. Comfort, effectiveness and sustainability.

Residential Security Consultancy

With our residential security consultancy, you obtain an evaluation of the real risks of theft, intrusion or break-in at your home, plot, urbanization or neighborhood community.

This risk and vulnerability assessment allows us to design a strategy that makes your property a completely safe place. We document with a detailed report the analysis and the results obtained from the evaluation, plus a series of key recommendations.

Our consultants are accredited by Genoma del Robo.

This residential security methodology applies an objective and effective procedure, with proven results. An alternative approach different from that used by conventional security companies.

What is its essence?

  1. Uphold confidentiality as a principle.
  2. Propose realistic, effective and completely personalized solutions.
  3. Establish criteria of high effectiveness, proportionality and technical sustainability.
  4. Reduce the real possibilities of intrusion.
  5. Generate greater well-being and tranquility for people.
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Residential Security Risk Assessment

All people have a certain risk that is fundamentally conditioned by four factors:

  • The chance or statistical probability of theft or intrusion.
  • The vulnerability or weak points of the home and its surroundings.
  • The capacity of attraction or attractiveness generated by the property.
  • The professional activity carried out by its inhabitants.

The intrusion risk factor is an objective value that can be calculated. It is extracted through a rigorous method of analysis and evaluation.

It is considered, on the one hand, the possibility of its occurrence and, on the other, the criticality of its effects. When this objective data is obtained, we know the real risk and we can make a diagnosis. With the diagnosis in hand, we design the most effective and sustainable protection system and solutions.

Technology must be at the service of people, and not the other way around. Every case is different. And putting more technology to put it is not the solution.

To avoid a technologically invasive but completely efficient security system, three elements that Kosmos Group brings together must be combined:

  • The experience and rigor of the security company.
  • The human and technical quality of its qualified professionals.
  • The effectiveness of the method to design and implement the security project.
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Phases of Security Consulting

The residential security consulting service is made up of four phases.

  1. Risks evaluation.

Thanks to a study of the home and its surroundings, we identify and analyze up to 21 relevant aspects in security against intrusion. We assess the specific risk for your home, based on the results, and three key factors: opportunity, attractiveness and vulnerability.

  1. Diagnosis and proposal of solutions.

Through a technical report, the objective, quantitative and qualitative risk is determined, and we indicate the areas to be strengthened. This report considers both the possibility of the intrusion and the criticality it will generate. In this diagnostic phase, the most effective protection solutions are proposed.

  1. Security project design.

Based on the diagnosis and the solutions proposed to minimize the risks detected, we design the project. A complete and totally personalized security system, made to measure by our engineering team. A project that can contemplate both the risks of intrusion and theft, as well as fire protection, at the request of the client.

  1. Implementation of security systems.

After the approval of the project, the last phase begins, that of installation and commissioning. Each of the security systems is installed and put into operation trying to minimize the inconvenience caused by technical and operational intervention in habitual residences. We are aware of the importance of efficiency and discretion in these cases. We make sure of its perfect operation before giving up the service.

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Comprehensive 360 service: from risk assessment, diagnosis and solution proposal to project design and system implementation.

Maintenance of Residential Security Systems

We put our experience and knowledge at the service of the client, in the installation and maintenance of residential security systems.

The fact of carrying out a previous design allows us to include safety criteria among the architectural design criteria. In this way, it is possible to choose systems that will require fewer technological contributions (surveillance cameras, alarms…) and their security will be more robust and sustainable over time.

We carry out regulatory and corrective preventive maintenance. We verify that in the evolution of time and changes in the structure of the house the degree of security is maintained. Providing new solutions when changes are made to the home or plot that allow a security system to continue to maintain the desired degree of protection.

Innovation in Residential Security

The Genoma del Robo methodology has deciphered and completed the sequence to reduce the possibility of home break-ins.

In this process, he has considered the importance of habits and natural design as essential elements in the defense chain, beyond devices. It is a sustainable security because it takes advantage of natural security and avoids the use of excessive technology, highly perishable and dependent, in energy and communications.

Each house and each family is a world, so the physical and electronic security solutions to be applied must be studied and customized for each occasion.

This work can only be carried out by experienced professionals, trained and authorized in security. Effectiveness and sustainability, that is security by design. A new way of understanding security. Efectividad y sostenibilidad, eso es la seguridad por diseño. Una nueva forma de entender la seguridad.


Security Evaluator

The evaluator allows calculating the technical possibility of burglary in homes. It takes into account 3 key factors: opportunity, attractiveness and vulnerability of your home and environment in the face of an aggressor.


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