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20 years of experience

Security Consultancy for Companies

The security consultancy analyzes the risks and assesses the threats to take the necessary security measures.

Preventing and actively protecting a company, the people who work in it and its assets is its mission. The experience and training of the security consultant is a critical factor for optimal advice. Kosmos Group’s consulting department has been doing this work successfully for two decades.

The experience and training of the security consultant, a critical factor for optimal advice.

Areas of Work in Security for Companies

Kosmos Group security consulting covers different areas of work and offers the following services:

  • Study, design and analysis of security risks

With the analysis and identification of the security risks that a company has at a given time, a realistic and rigorous assessment of its possible threats is sought.

Based on the data extracted from this analysis, the current security measures are evaluated and new measures are proposed to be implemented to reduce these threats and risks to a minimum.

  • Security procedures. Current regulations and legislation

The performance of security procedures aims to improve the efficiency of security services and facilities, while complying with current regulations and legislation.

  • Security Advice, Study and Master Plans

With the study of the organization and the security procedures that the client has, a Security Master Plan is developed.

The Master Plan covers all aspects related to security: both current and future activities are planned. The continuous improvement of customer security, a security that adapts to changing needs and environment is the core of this Master Plan.

  • Security memories

At specific events, shows and/or recreational activities, a Self-Protection Plan is not required, but a Safety Report is required to obtain administrative authorization.

The Security Report assesses the risks, establishes the intervention protocols, sets out the measures and determines the necessary human and material resources.

  • Security and safety audit

The security and safety audit seeks to know the current state of the facilities and/or procedures and/or security staff.

A report is issued with the findings of the audit and options for improvement are proposed. It indicates those aspects that do not comply with the regulations and that may be grounds for sanction. Both in terms of safety and fire protection.

  • Advice and conducting security contests

Our consulting department assesses the security needs of a company and designs the optimal security measures. He then helps this company to prepare the technical specifications for the mandatory safety tenders.

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  • Critical Infrastructures (PSO, EPP)

Critical infrastructures are physical facilities and virtual systems whose operation is essential and indispensable for the health, physical integrity, security, and social and economic well-being of people.

At Kosmos Group we carry out Operator Security Plans (PSOs) and Specific Protection Plans (PPPs) for critical infrastructures. We follow the criteria of current regulations in accordance with the National Center for Infrastructure Protection and Cybersecurity (CNPIC).

  • Self-Protection Plans (PAU) and Emergency and Evacuation Plans (PEE)

The law requires the development, implementation and maintenance of what is called a Self-Protection Plan in facilities where emergency situations may arise.

It can be said that it is a general planning of emergencies that can be affected by an establishment depending on its nature and business activity.

A preliminary study of the risks, their evaluation and the adoption of preventive measures to eliminate them or to mitigate to the maximum their effects is the indispensable content of a Self-protection Plan. The Evacuation Plan is also included.

The Self-Protection Plan designates a responsible person in charge of managing the prevention and control of risks. In addition, it must be written by a qualified and competent specialist technician, who must indicate his professional data.

At Kosmos Group we prepare Self-Protection Plans and Emergency and Evacuation Plans documented according to current regulations and in accordance with the real needs of the client. With all the legal guarantees.

We also advise and/or take care of the management with the public administration to proceed with the registration of the same if so marked by regulations.

Our security consulting department evaluates the needs and designs the optimal security measures.
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Commitment to Transparency and Rigor

In the area of security, we advise and accompany our clients, with absolute transparency. Ensuring the protection of our customers is our real raison d’être.

Kosmos Group is not linked to any manufacturer, distributor or brand: we only recommend what we think is right for each of our customers. We owe it to them. Our goal is to be useful to them, to support them as a strategic and technological partner in security management.

Guaranteeing the protection of our clients is our true reason for being.

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