Public Address Systems and Professional Telecommunications

Public Address Systems and Professional Telecommunications
  • To guarantee the security of public and private buildings, public address and telecommunications systems must respond to an optimal level of quality. High response reliability is an unquestionable requirement for this type of service.Working with the best manufacturers in the market, being permanently updated with the latest technologies and carrying out a meticulous control of the facilities allows us to offer an impeccable service. The tranquility of our clients and users is the priority of Kosmos Group.
  • Our consulting, engineering, technical assistance, installations, and maintenance solutions include:
    • – Public address installations
    • – Professional telecommunications (walkie talkies, antennas)
    • – System integration
    • – Design of digital networks
    • – Telemetry and data systems engineering
    • – Supply and installation of infrastructures
    • – Advice and maintenancet
    • – Audits and legalizations
    • – Special assemblies
    • – Applications development
  • Public address and telecommunications systems are especially recommended in certain spaces such as: shopping centers, hotel and restaurant establishments, supermarkets, shops, warehouses, schools, sports centers and office buildings, among others. In them, the public address allows you to create environments with background music and send announcements through call stations or microphones.

    In public establishments, the public address system plays an essential role in quickly evacuating the building in the event of an emergency.