Professional Telecommunications in Security


Reliable and permanent telecommunications systems


Comprehensive and personalized solutions


Own engineering department


Design of digital networks and special assemblies


Audits, legalizations and certifications


Ad hoc application development


Engineering of telemetry and data systems


Homologation in Low Voltage and Telecommunications


ISO 9001 and 14001 quality certifications

Professional Telecommunications and Security Systems

The security of buildings and enclosures, public and private, depends on good telecommunications networks. The high response reliability is an unquestionable requirement in these systems to guarantee optimum quality of operation.


Reliable and Permanent Telecommunications Systems

We understand that reliable and permanent systems are good, always running, without cuts. If the machines do not communicate with each other or do so poorly, it is as if nothing is protecting us.

A fiber optic installation is ideal for adequate service. The benefits of this material are the most suitable for places that require professional telecommunications. This is because fiber allows equipment and systems to communicate over long distances, at a very high speed and practically without failure.

A fiber optic communications system is a fairly demanding piece of equipment in terms of the technical part, so it is not enough to only have the tools necessary for its installation. También es preciso asegurar una mínima calidad, cosa que se consigue certificando la instalación. A way to demonstrate that standards are met.

Where there is fiber optics and certifying devices, there is an engineer. A qualified professional who analyzes and checks what is necessary in each installation.

In addition, there is a part that is not seen: audits and legalizations. Without them, a telecommunications installation company is left lame. Hence, it is essential to demand the official authorization of the supplier company, in addition to quality certifications.

Finally, it is very important to have an effective maintenance system. With it, faults are corrected and those that could arise are prevented.

Kosmos Group is a company approved by the administration to carry out any type of telecommunications installation. It has ISO 9001 and 14001 quality certifications. Several engineers are part of its staff, who are responsible for designing and supervising the execution of projects.

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Integral Solutions in Telecommunications

Working with the best manufacturers in the market, being permanently updated with the latest technologies and carrying out a detailed control of the installations allows us to offer an impeccable service.

The tranquility of our clients and users is the priority of Kosmos Group.

Our consulting, engineering, technical assistance, installation and maintenance solutions in telecommunications include:

  • Public address installations
  • Professional telecommunications (walkie talkies, antennas and others)
  • System integration
  • Digital network design
  • Engineering of telemetry and data systems
  • Infrastructure supply and installation
  • Advice and maintenance
  • Audits and legalizations
  • Special assemblies
  • Applications development

Public address and telecommunications systems are especially recommended in certain spaces such as: shopping centres, hotel and restaurant establishments, supermarkets, shops, warehouses, schools, sports centres, hospitals and office buildings, among others.

In public buildings, the public address system fulfills an essential task for a fast, safe and effective evacuation in case of emergency. The public address system allows, in addition to creating environments with background music, sending announcements through call stations or microphones.

If you are interested in knowing in more detail the advantages and regulations of public address systems, click here.

To guarantee the safety of public and private buildings, high response reliability is an unquestionable requirement in this type of service.

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