Training in Security and Fire Protection


Center authorized by the Department of Industry of the Generalitat de Catalunya


Tailor-made theoretical and practical training programs


Practices in the client's facilities: in their real environment


Implementation of Self-Protection Plans and Simulation Drills


Training in Fire and Safety, covering all possible fields


Experienced trainers and skills

Customized Security & Safety Training in Real Environments

Training programs are designed to meet the specific needs of each client. The aim is to ensure that people involved in emergency situations undertake these tasks with the appropriate theoretical and practical training.

Key elements are risk analysis, available equipment and resources, along with prior knowledge and training of staff. The development of the training takes into account the different regulations for safety, fire protection, occupational risk prevention, evacuation and emergency.

Formación en Seguridad y Protección Contra Incendios
Vocational training in fire protection and security tailored to companies, with internships in real environments and experienced trainers.
  • Self-protection training (theoretical and practical)

We carry out the implementation of the Self-Protection and Emergency Plans. We inform the people involved of the regulations and management of the emergency in the installation.

We train emergency teams in a theoretical and practical way. Emergency training focuses on the needs of the client company, and is implemented in real physical environments. Consideration is given to the means and equipment available, which the customer actually uses or may use, as well as their contingency plan.

We direct, organize and perform simulations, both tactical and real.

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  • Training in fires and ERAs (theoretical and practical)

We carry out the training of personnel in fire matters. This training includes the risks and dangers of fire, the existing elements of protection and the performance of fire practices through real fire simulators controlled by our trainers. Everything to make practices of use and operation of fire extinguishers and Bies, adapting the training to the needs of the client.

In the same way, practices are carried out in the use and handling of breathing equipment (ERAs) in an environment that simulates the conditions existing in a fire (smoke environments).

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  • Professional qualification course for RIPCI operators

We teach and evaluate Qualified Operator Courses for the Installation and/or Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems in accordance with RD 513/2017 (RIPCI).

Kosmos Group is a training center set up by the General Sub-Directorate for Industrial Safety (SGSI) of the Generalitat de Catalunya, through the Fire Safety Cluster of Catalonia.

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