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Video Surveillance and CCTV Security

CCTV video surveillance cameras are essential elements in security.

By themselves they do not prevent intrusions, but they are witnesses of what happened. Their role is mainly dissuasive: they make it difficult to commit offenses or crimes. They are also very helpful in police investigations.

For a video surveillance system to be complete, there must be at least one recorder. The recorder is the device that centralizes and records the video from all your security cameras. It is also possible to place monitors in strategic places, to control what is happening at all times.

From any device, be it a mobile phone, tablet or personal computer, connected to the network, you have access to see both the live images, in real time, and the recordings.

The law obliges to place plates in clearly visible places that warn of the presence of cameras connected and in operation.

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High-definition cameras for video surveillance and network connectivity allow us to offer highly advanced security services.

Video Analytics

Video analytics is an evolution of traditional video surveillance. Until the arrival of analytics, it was impossible to review all the recordings, every day: there was not the time to do it.

Thanks to video analysis and to put it simply, the security system itself is in charge of viewing the images, and describes what happens in them.

If, in addition, thermal cameras are added, what is invisible to the human eye becomes visible. Human bodies give off heat. The security system detects this heat and realizes if there is someone there who, perhaps, should not be. And not only that: it is also capable of following him.

It is possible that someone is lurking around the boundaries of a property. It can be a curious passerby or a criminal. In any case, the computer will consider it suspicious.

Every time the machine suspects something, it will report it in detail. In this way, it is possible to notice a problem, when it is happening or even before. It is now possible to stop staring at a monitor and focus only on what is important: detecting the crime.

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IP CCTV Security Cameras

An IP security camera system is the same as a conventional system, but with improvements.

To begin with, the cameras are not connected to a recorder, but are directly connected to the Internet.

On the other hand, there is no physical recorder, but it can be any device connected to the Internet, which has a storage system. It can be a computer, but it can also be a special recorder, to which the signals from cameras connected to the Internet are directed.

In this way, the limitation of cameras that recorders usually have (there are some with a capacity of up to 32 channels) is eliminated. As many cameras as you want to install will arrive at the control center without much trouble.

An IP system is recommended for large places, where there must be many cameras. Leveraging network cabling for a variety of purposes, including video surveillance, can deliver significant cost savings without sacrificing security.

It is also indicated to unify in one place groups of cameras that are in different locations. For example, they are highly recommended systems for supermarket chains, office networks or airport areas, among others.

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The protection of people and property has taken a qualitative leap with the application of the latest generation technologies in electronic security.

Powerful Protection System

With the connection of video analytics to an alarm system, we have a powerful protection system. Of course: as long as the system is connected to an alarm receiving center.

In the event of an intrusion, the machine tells the CRA who is, where and how they have moved. In this way, the operator of the exchange can verify if the intrusion is real much faster. It is valuable time that can make the difference in stopping the criminal.

It also allows you to save the tracking of that person on the premises. So there is no need to manually file evidence for the police: the machine has already done it for you.

Permanent service 24 hours every day of the year, with professionals trained to offer an agile and efficient response.

Alarm Reception Center of Grupo On Seguridad

Next, we detail some of the functionalities of our Alarm Reception Center, whose services are provided through Grupo On Seguridad with registration number in the D.G.P. 3844:

  • Reception and management of alarm signals through different communication channels (RTC, IP, GSM, GPRS, among others).
  • Video verification of events.
  • Technical, medical and similar alarms.
  • Management and bidirectional maintenance of systems.
  • Control of openings and closings.
  • 24-hour customer service.
  • Extranet of online services for installers.
  • Web platform for end users.

Kosmos Group, Partner of Grupo On Seguridad

Kosmos Group is part of Grupo On Seguridad. Its Alarm Reception Center is equipped with the latest management and communications technologies. A permanent surveillance and alert service is offered, with presence at the state level. Más de 20000 clientes confían en nuestra CRA.

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