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Security Alarms

An alarm is an electronic security system that warns you of the entry or attempted entry into your facilities (home, premises, offices, warehouse,…) of an intruder or unauthorized person.

These security systems are made up of a control panel, keyboard, power supply, detection elements, sirens and communicators. In addition, they allow the inclusion or combination with other security elements, such as cameras, image recorders, among others.

Security alarm systems should communicate with an Alarm Receiving Center, from which intrusion signals can be managed quickly and professionally.

Alarmas de Seguridad Kosmos Group
Security alarm systems should be connected to an Alarm Receiving Center to manage intrusion signals in an agile and professional manner.

Wired and Wireless Alarms

Alarm connection systems can be wired or wireless.

Wired alarms offer a higher degree of security, reliability and durability. They are systems that may require the completion of certain works, for this reason it is convenient to plan their installation.

Wireless alarms are easier to install and do not require works. Its level of security is acceptable to protect certain homes or businesses, although they are more exposed to frequency inhibitors used by thieves.

Establishments and high-risk businesses, such as jewelry stores, gunsmiths or art galleries, among others, must install grade 3 alarms.

Military installations and critical infrastructures require the highest degree of protection, with the systems used being grade 4.

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Security Systems Increasingly Safe

Technology advances and alarms are becoming more sophisticated and secure.

  1. They are systems capable of detecting power outages, or if a cable has been cut or a detector has been tampered with.
  2. They give the possibility of sounding the alarm when it is disarmed, that is, inactive. With a special code on the panel or a remote control.
  3. They can be activated and deactivated, and logs can be consulted or images viewed in real time from the mobile phone through a specific application.

Associated Alarm Reception Center (CRA)

It is advisable to have an attended alarm system. Served by whom? By an alarm receiving center.

The Alarm Reception Center (CRA) offers its services 24 hours a day, 365 days a week, has qualified personnel, and immediately manages all intrusion signals received from customer facilities.

The first step is to confirm that it is not a false alarm: the CRA contacts the client, who must identify himself by means of a password, to find out the status of the situation.

With certain advanced technology equipment, it is possible to detect noises and sounds that can give clues as to whether or not there is a real intrusion. In the case of having the installation of cameras, the operator of the CRA can also carry out a previous verification by video.

Confirmed a real alarm, the CRA notifies the bodies and security forces, who from that moment start their action protocol.

In the case of having our alarm connected to a CRA, it is also possible in case of danger to set off the alarm when it is disarmed. It is done through the so-called panic button. It is used to directly inform the central station that something anomalous is happening and the CRA will immediately notify the police.

Another means for the CRA to detect a dangerous situation is to have an alarm code word. Normally, before an alarm jump, the CRA asks you to identify yourself with a password. If instead of the identification word they hear the code word, they will already know that there is a dangerous situation and will call the police.

Qualified professional, 24/365 service and immediate management of intrusion signals.

Alarm Reception Center Of Grupo On Seguridad

Next, we detail some of the functionalities of our Alarm Reception Center, whose services are provided through Grupo On Seguridad with registration number in the D.G.P. 3844:

  • Reception and management of alarm signals through different communication channels (RTC, IP, GSM, GPRS, among others).
  • Video verification of events.
  • Technical, medical and similar alarms.
  • Management and bidirectional maintenance of systems.
  • Control of openings and closings.
  • 24-hour customer service.
  • Telecare.
  • Extranet of online services for installers.
  • Web platform for end users.
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Kosmos Group, Partner Of Grupo On Seguridad

Kosmos Group is part of Grupo On Seguridad. Its Alarm Reception Center is equipped with the latest management and communications technologies. A permanent surveillance and alert service is offered, with presence at the state level.

Partner de Grupo On Seguridad

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