Fire Protection/Safety Maintenance


Preventive and Corrective Maintenance


Maintenance Company enabled for all Fire Protection/ Prevention systems


Strict compliance with legal regulations


Professional qualification of operators


Equipped mobile repair workshops


Service 24 hours/ 365 days


Active member of associations and colleges of engineers in the safety sector

Maintenance Fire Protection Systems (PCI)

The maintenance of fire protection systems guarantees their correct operation and is mandatory by law.

Different types of revisions, all mandatory, are those contemplated by the new RIPCI:

  • Quarterly review
  • Half-yearly review
  • Annual review

They must be carried out by a company and operators authorized by the industry department or equivalent of the corresponding Autonomous Community.

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Fire Regulations: RIPCI

The Regulation on fire protection installations (RD 513/2017) is very clear when it comes to determining the mandatory requirements that maintenance companies must meet.

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Habilitation as a Fire Protection Facilities Maintenance Company

According to RIPCI regulations, Kosmos Group is authorized to carry out the maintenance of the following equipment and systems as a maintenance company for fire protection installations:

  • Fire detection and alarm systems
  • Water supply systems
  • Hydrant systems
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire hydrant systems
  • Dry column systems
  • Fixed extinguishing systems for automatic sprinklers and spray water
  • Fixed extinguishing systems for spray water
  • Physical foam extinguishing systems
  • Dust extinguishing systems
  • Extinguishing systems for gaseous agents
  • Condensed aerosol extinguishing systems
  • Smoke and heat control systems
  • Luminescent signaling systems

Requirements Required by RIPCI

In order to be able to carry out installation and maintenance work on Fire Protection Systems, it is necessary to comply with certain requirements:

  1. Registration in the Industrial Register of the Autonomous Community.
  2. Current ISO 9001 quality certificate. With explicit inclusion of the equipment and systems for which the company is enabled.
  3. Professional qualification of the assigned operators who carry out and sign the revisions of the Fire Protection Systems equipment, with indication of the equipment and systems for which these operators are qualified.
  4. A qualified technician.
  5. Adequate professional liability insurance.
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Make sure that your supplier complies with the legal requirements to be able to carry out installation and maintenance work on PCI systems.

Active Member in Fire Protection

Kosmos Group is an active member of the main fire protection associations: Cepreven, Tecnifuego and the Fire Safety Cluster.

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