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Security Project Engineering

Security projects have the mission of preventing, protecting and safeguarding the integrity and life of people. And, also, material goods.

At Kosmos Group these projects are designed by our own engineering department, made up of engineers who are specialists in security and are qualified to do so.

The regulations are clear in this regard. Only expert and trained professionals can carry out security projects with the quality, rigor and effectiveness that ensure the minimum risk.

  • Qualified and expert engineers
  • Priority in the safety of people

In security projects we advise you, and we protect you.

  1. Security systems projects
  2. Fire protection projects
  3. Technical reports

We work for renowned clients in shopping malls, hotels and restaurants, office buildings, clinics and hospitals, car parks, logistics warehouses, industrial warehouses, pharmaceutical laboratories, museums and historic buildings.

With more than a thousand satisfied customers.

Ingeniería de Proyectos de Seguridad Kosmos Group

Proyectos diseñados por un departamento de ingeniería propio y especializado en seguridad.

Fire Protection Projects

A fire protection project is based on a detailed and precise risk analysis of the facilities and the environment to choose, evaluate and design the best combination of fire protection means and their distribution.

The risk analysis studies critical factors specific to the installation to be protected and its environment to find the optimal solution:

  • The location of the building, warehouse or dwelling
  • The surrounding area and buildings
  • Construction materials
  • The distribution of spaces for passive protection
  • Exits and evacuation routes

Preventing, alerting, controlling and extinguishing the action of a possible fire in the most agile and effective way to protect the integrity of people is the main focus of this work.

Minimizing economic losses, protecting assets and restoring normality as quickly as possible is also an objective, once the former is covered.

Fire protection projects contemplate all means, both passive protection and active protection.

Passive protection seeks to prevent and delay the spread of a fire. We understand by passive protection that which is specific to the building and the materials with which it has been built.

The security project includes the following elements:

  • Fire resistant partitions
  • Fireproofing of metallic structures
  • Cables and pipes
  • Fire doors
  • Construction materials
  • Distribution of the spaces and areas of the building

Active protection aims to alert, stop and extinguish a fire started. It includes all the equipment, protection systems and means necessary to suffocate and put out a fire.

A security project evaluates the suitability of the following equipment and information:

  • Alarms and public address systems
  • Detectors, different depending on the type of fire
  • Extinguishing agents: choice and installation.
  • Measurement of optimal water flows

The fire protection project carried out by the Kosmos Group engineering department includes a precise risk analysis and the development of a complete fire protection system, perfectly justified according to the specific fire load needs, and the calculations carried out with the most absolute rigor.

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Applicable Regulation In

In the field of fire protection, the legislation is broad and clear. The legal and technical details are very well explained in different regulations and standards.

  • Regulation of fire protection installations (RIPCI). Royal Decree 513/2017, of May 22, which approves the Regulation of fire protection installations.
  • Technical Building Code (CTE). Royal Decree 314/2006, of March 17, approving the Technical Building Code (CTE).
  • Fire safety regulations in industrial establishments. Royal Decree 2267/2004, of December 3, approving the Fire Safety Regulations in industrial establishments.
  • UNE and CEPREVEN standards

Depending on the type of installation, the characteristics of the buildings to be protected and the activities to be carried out, the design of a specific fire protection project may be mandatory by law.

Security Systems Projects

Security system projects include a risk analysis and are designed to protect the integrity of people and their assets, as well as the assets of companies.

Preventing, dissuading and alerting of dangerous intrusions in private properties and public places is its main task. The development of the project includes the recommendation of technological solutions considering spaces and people.

The means used contemplate different types of systems, hardware and software, depending on each specific installation or building.

The design phases of a security project are, essentially, the following:

  1. Vulnerability analysis. The infrastructure, technology and human resources are contemplated to carry out a first diagnosis.
  2. Security study. It is about identifying administrative, operational and engineering controls.
  3. Risk identification. They are evaluated and graded based on grade.
  4. Design of measures. The optimal ones are sought to mitigate the risks.
  5. Creation of security certificates.
  6. Setting plans. To enable business continuity.
  7. Drafting of the safety manual and its protocols.
  8. Design of compliance audits.
  9. Presentation of the improvement plan. Proposal before management.
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Each client deserves an optimal solution, tailored to their specific needs.

Projects for Companies and Residences

Kosmos Group’s expert security team is able to design complex, fully customized security and fire protection projects.

  • Industries, large companies, warehouses and business complexes.
  • Private and public office buildings
  • Shopping malls, car parks and businesses
  • Hospitals, clinics and health centers.
  • Schools, universities and educational centers.
  • Airports or public transport stations.
  • Transformation and electricity supply centers, photovoltaic solar plants
  • Telecommunications centers
  • Drinking or irrigation water supply installations
  • Urbanizations, communities and private residences

A personalized surveillance and security study makes it possible to take into account the specific factors and locations of each facility, building or business complex. These factors directly affect the security system used.

Very different solutions in surveillance and security systems need a shopping center located in an urban environment, for example, which may require a telecommunications center in a rural, remote and lonely environment.

Each client deserves an optimal solution, tailored to their specific needs. At Kosmos Group we offer different solutions, depending on each installation and client.

Technical Reports

The Technical Memory is a document, required in accordance with the regulations, for the definition of the characteristics of a fire protection and security installation.

The technical report must be written by a competent qualified technician.

At Kosmos Group, through the Engineering department, we offer the possibility of writing and generating the Technical Report. Our engineers advise you and look for the best solution.

Commitment to Transparency and Rigor

In the area of security, we advise and accompany our clients, with absolute transparency. Guaranteeing the protection of our clients is our true reason for being.

Kosmos Group is not linked to any manufacturer, distributor or trademark: we only recommend what we think is suitable for each of our clients. We owe it to them. Our goal is to be useful to them, to support them as a strategic and technological partner in security management.

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