Public Address and Voice Evacuation


Critical security tool


Mandatory in hospitals and public buildings


Regulated by the UNE-EN 54 standard


Integrated in building management


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Engineering of telemetry and data systems


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Maintenance with authorized operators


Audits and legalizations


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Applications development

Public Address and Voice Evacuation

Public address and voice evacuation systems allow audible messages to be issued to large audiences. These elements are becoming increasingly important in managing the security of a building.

A voice evacuation system in crowded places has been shown to be crucial. A much safer evacuation is achieved than with bell and alarm systems.

Sending emergency messages through the public address system facilitates the evacuation of a large area, in an orderly manner, and avoids panic situations.

The fact of being able to give the appropriate instructions on how to act, together with the necessary information about the seriousness of the emergency, provokes an efficient and responsible reaction in people.

Public address and voice evacuation systems are key in managing the security of a building.

Critical Systems for Security in Public Buildings

Voice alarm systems give emergency notification through voice or pre-recorded messages. They can be received only in one zone or in the whole of a building.

They are a critical safety tool to achieve a rapid, controlled and safe evacuation. They improve the response time in building evacuation.

They are mandatory in certain facilities such as hospitals and public buildings. And, in general, they are recommended in large spaces such as shopping malls, hotel and restaurant establishments, supermarkets, shops, warehouses, schools, sports centers, museums and office buildings, among others.

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Voice Alarm and Evacuation: Current Legislation

The regulations establish different conditions in which voice alarm and evacuation systems must be used.

We highlight the following:

  • In areas of excessive noise or hearing loss, acoustic signals must be supplemented with visual signals.
  • The alarm signal must be unique in case of emergency, and unequivocal.
  • The sound level must be the same in all rooms, and higher than any ambient noise.
  • Voice messages must be completely intelligible.
  • The pre-recorded messages must start automatically in response to the fire signal and without depending on the presence of any operator.
  • The availability of the system must be guaranteed at all times even when there is a power outage.

The UNE-EN 54 standard is the one that regulates Fire Detection and Alarm Systems and is mandatory within the European Union in accordance with the RCP (Construction Products Regulation).

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Advantages of Voice Evacuation and Alarm Systems

What advantages do voice evacuation systems have over other alarm systems?

  • Report any type of incident
  • Calm down and reduce the panic reaction
  • Provoke a quick response reaction
  • Indicate the fastest and safest way to the exit
  • Direct the evacuation, according to the plan foreseen in each building

They have been shown to significantly reduce response time in an emergency.

People respond faster and are better equipped to make the right decision. The voice messages inform exactly how to proceed and give the necessary instructions to the occupants of a building, whether or not they are familiar with the environment.

They are integrated building management systems and can be used for background music, advertising and other types of announcements.

Public address and voice evacuation systems significantly reduce the response time in an emergency.

Working with The Best

To guarantee the safety of public and private buildings, public address and voice evacuation systems must respond to an optimal level of quality. High response reliability is an unquestionable requirement for this type of service.

Working with the best manufacturers in the market, being permanently updated with the latest technologies and carrying out a detailed control of the installations allows us to offer an impeccable service.

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