CRI Connection – Fire Alarms


Agile management of fire or breakdown alarms


Fire Reception Center (CRI) according to regulations


Operators trained for Fire Protection/ Safety management


Certification and compliance with the UNE-EN 54-21 standard


Remote and effective management


Immediate response


24/365 service with highly qualified personnel


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Fire Alarms

There are countless buildings where uncontrolled fire detection and alarm systems are installed during certain hours or days of the week.

In these cases, the fire detection and alarm systems should communicate with a Fire Alarm Receiving Center (CRI). From a CRI, the fire or breakdown alarm signals are managed in an agile and professional manner.

The connection of the fire detection and alarm centers must be carried out using equipment that complies with fire protection regulations, and by authorized fire companies.

It is illegal for fire signals to be managed through intrusion alarm panels

The transmission of alarms and failure notices of fire detection and alarm systems must be certified and comply with the UNE-EN 54-21 standard.

The RIPCI (Regulation of Fire Protection Installations) clearly indicates that the installation and maintenance of PCI equipment can only be carried out by duly authorized companies and operators.

Remote Management of Fire Signals

Times change, technologies increasingly allow us to carry out more work remotely, and regulations are gradually adapting to technologies.

RD 513/2017 RIPCI introduced the possibility of remote access to fire detection and alarm systems.

If the fire detection and alarm center is prepared so that the authorized and qualified maintainer can carry out different actions remotely and communication and remote management can be done safely, it is time to define what level of remote access is being willing to allow.

  • Read access

Remotely the maintainer can read functions and view the status of the system. In the event, for example, of a detector failure, it will identify the equipment and carry out assistance by bringing the replacement equipment.

  • Access to control functions

This access requires authorization and presence by the person in charge of the establishment and the maintenance company, if applicable. Allows the maintainer to act on the system. For example, bypassing a device or a zone that is giving false alarms.

In the event that remote action leaves the operating system with deficiencies, it is very important to inform the person in charge of the building, indicating the level of criticality of the same and take the appropriate measures to carry out corrective actions.

  • Access to configuration changes, parameters and firmware update

They imply one more step than the previous case.

This type of measure may lead to changes that render the system inoperative, so the following requirements must be applied:

  • Implement measures before the start of the remote session.
  • Check ‘in situ’ the correct operation of the system before its new start-up.
  • Make a copy before starting the software or firmware update. This will allow you to return to the previous version in the event of an error or failure in the update.
Conexión CRI Kosmos Group

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Fire Alarm Reception Center (CRI)

It is advisable to have an attended alarm system. Served by whom? By a central reception of fire alarms.

The Fire Reception Center (CRI) offers its services 24/365 with qualified personnel. They immediately manage all the alarm and/or fault signals they receive from the client’s facilities.

Given the specialization of the fire protection sector, it is essential that the reception companies that manage fire alarms and signals (CRI) also have adequate professionalization, technology and duly qualified personnel.

The UNE 23007-14 standard defines that alarms must be transmitted with the least possible delay. The best way to achieve this is through an automatic link connected to a CRI that will allow the system to be permanently monitored.

Appropriate operating procedures must be established, allowing operators and those responsible for the CRI to have the appropriate training that allows them to identify, evaluate and manage the signals in an agile manner.

The Fire Reception Center (CRI) offers its services 24/365.

Grupo On Seguridad Fire Reception Center

Below, we detail some of the features of our Fire Reception Center, whose services are provided through Grupo On Seguridad:

  • Reception and management of fire alarm and fault signals through different communication channels (RTC, IP, GSM, GPRS, among others).
  • Video verification of events.
  • 24 hour service.
  • Extranet of online services for installers.
  • Web platform for end users.

Kosmos Group, Partner of Grupo On Seguridad

Kosmos Group is part of Grupo On Seguridad. Its Alarm Reception Center is equipped with the latest management and communications technologies. A permanent surveillance and alert service is offered, with presence at the state level.

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