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Safety Signage in Buildings

Safety signs are normally classified as prohibition signs, warning signs, mandatory signs, evacuation and emergency signs, and fire-fighting equipment signs.

The safety signaling systems are complemented by beacons and evacuation plans or luminescent “you are here” plans.

Its purpose is to inform any person, resident or visitor, about the location of fire protection equipment for manual use and evacuation routes. They must be quickly visible, even in the dark due to power failure.

In public buildings, correct signage is especially important. Users must be able to find fire protection equipment and escape routes quickly, efficiently and safely.

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Safety signage informs about the location of fire protection equipment for manual use and evacuation routes.

Installation of Luminescent Signs

At Kosmos Group we are experts in signage installations. We adapt each project to the type of property: signposting an office building is not the same as an industrial warehouse, a cinema, a hospital, a hotel or a shopping centre.

Well aware that people’s safety is at stake, we carry out luminescent sign installations rigorously.

Its importance is capital, since:

  • They mark the exits and evacuation routes.
  • They facilitate the location of fire protection equipment.
  • They allow you to quickly find the items of salvation.

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Approved Luminescent Signs

The installation of approved luminescent signs and their optimal maintenance is a mandatory requirement by law. They are part of the passive security of buildings and their role is key to rapid evacuation in an emergency.

The regulations are clear. It leaves no room for doubt as to the size, shape and luminescence of the emergency signals, as well as their quantity and location. The safety of people and the objective of saving lives is above all else.

Luminescent signs must undergo annual reviews. Its expiration is that established by the manufacturer or, failing that, ten years. Those that are deteriorated in their luminescent properties or have expired, must be removed immediately.

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The installation of approved luminescent signs and their optimal maintenance is a mandatory requirement by law.

Main Regulatory Conditions Of Luminescent Signs

To preserve the safety of people, luminescent signs must guarantee correct identification of fire protection equipment, an unequivocal area for evacuation, and optimal luminescence for correct visibility.

Recommendations for correct signage:

  • Location of the luminescent signs.
    In the interior spaces of buildings there must always be a sign in sight, so that people can follow the evacuation route, or identify an extinguishing medium at a certain point.
  • Minimum and maximum height.
    From the ground to the lower edge of the luminescent signal, a distance of between two meters and two and a half meters must be maintained; at the same time, from the upper edge of the sign to the ceiling, this distance must be 30 centimeters.
  • Observation distance.
    Manufacturers indicate on the plates what is the ideal distance for the luminescent signal to be easily perceived by people, in case of emergency. Respecting this indication when placing the signs is an essential requirement.
  • Spaces with multiple exits.
    At points where confusion can be generated, such as crossroads, and on stairs, signage is especially important. The indications must be clear and unequivocal.
  • Stairs.
    To improve signaling on stairs, it is recommended to use beacons at a distance of 40 cm from the ground. The exit door must always be clearly visible.
  • Reduced mobility.
    For people with reduced mobility, refuge areas must be well signposted.
  • Evacuation plans.
    They must be placed in places of passage and clearly visible. They must indicate the evacuation route and the location of the means of extinction, such as fire extinguishers and others.
  • Light reception.
    Luminescent signs must always receive light, to remain ‘charged’. Only in this way, in case of darkness or a lot of smoke, will they be easily visible.

Maintenance Of Signaling Systems

The RIPCI (Regulation of Fire Protection Installations) establishes the useful life of luminescent signs and specifies how their maintenance must be carried out.

An annual review by the fire maintenance company is normative. It includes the visual verification of the luminescent signaling systems: their existence, location, cleanliness, legibility and lighting, as well as the verification of the fixing elements.

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